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Whoa, that was probably the busiest Christmas season we have had in 37 years of business!  We created so many custom orders, and were filling to order for most of November and December. THANK YOU to our amazing customers!  As we head into our 38th year, I'm finally coming up for a breath and taking stock of what happened in 2019. We continued to send duvets and pillows all over the globe this past year. (Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, France, 23 US states, and all over Canada). We seem to have a great customer base in a few particular areas. Orders to Japan usually ALWAYS have added down, and are usually single duvets with an extra pound of down. We...

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Spring Tips

At this time of year, many customers contact us to get advice on washing and caring for their down products. Many people don't want to fully wash their duvet, but are looking for ways to freshen them up. The best way to air out a down duvet is outside on a lovely, dry day. (Just like the painting of the duvets hanging out the windows in Austria). I like to do this on my deck outside, laid across some lawn chairs, and under my patio umbrella (since we have lots of migrating birds at this time of year) to protect my white duvet from overhead messes! Full washing instructions can be found on our site as well. Pillows can be freshened up...

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