Duvets and Pillows handmade to order since 1982



We guarantee that for 20 years the stitching will stay intact, and that, if cared for properly, the ticking will remain down-proof. Products should not be washed in bleach or any chemicals that can degrade the cotton integrity.

We know that with certainty, our duvets and pillows will retain the loft if fluffed daily, and aired out regularly. Products should not be kept in damp surroundings. If washed, the down should be very thoroughly dried. Since frequency of fluffing varies per customer, and air humidity varies, we cannot guarantee optimum loft for every item.


If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, you may contact us to arrange return/exchange within one week of the delivery date of your purchase, provided the items are UNUSED. Due to the intimate nature of bedding products, we will not exchange/return products after this period, regardless of said use, and any used product cannot be returned. Returns/exchanges may be subject to cleaning fees as determined by seller. Return/exchange shipping is the customer's responsibility.

ALL custom orders are final sale only.

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