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Below are a few of the actual comments and letters that we have received from customers all over the world. We are proud to continue to provide our clients with the highest quality duvets, pillows and custom products.

Betsy Horn 
Old Europe Duvet Company

Nicole Horn Owner,
Old Europe Duvet Company

 Actual Tweets by Arlene Dickinson:

Oct 2023
We have been the proud owners of an Old Europe Company Duvet for many years. The quality and comfort is second to none. We recently decided to buy two of their down pillows. We have been sleeping so well since we received them last week. Really well made and luxurious. We are so happy with our purchase. 
SJ in Ottawa
April 2022
(Purchased Hungarian duvet)
Hi Nicole,
I just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying my new duvet. It is so light and cozy, I didn't know it was possible for a duvet to have so much fluff!. It has been almost three weeks now since it arrived and I can tell you that it has been such a delight to go to sleep at night knowing that this duvet is on my bed. It truly is a work of art. Thank you so much!
L.C. in Toronto 
November 2021
I just want to let you know that your duvet is a real work of art! It’s nice to see all the attached info cards you send with the duvet. Thank goodness for the web otherwise we would never have know your duvets and the quality controls you live by to satisfy your customers. I’m sure 90% of your customers have no idea what’s out there until they’ve visited your site. I know now why you’ve lasted so long. I have already let relatives know how satisfied we are.
E.C. in Alberta
April 2021
Good morning Nicole,
Our duvets arrived on Friday afternoon and we absolutely love them! They are warm, fluffy and cozy. It's like sleeping with a puffy white cloud over top of us.
Thank you!
A.J. in Ottawa
January 2021
Hello Nicole
Just wanted to say Thank You again for answering all our questions and giving us great advice concerning our duvet purchase!!!! We are so glad we purchased the warmer duvet (the Austrian) and have lowered the temperature in our room to 60 degrees F for sleeping!!! WE LOVE IT!!!! So warm and fluffy!! No weight to it!!! We also took your advice and got rid of the sheet between duvet cover and us!!! Made it wonderful!!!! GF is amazed at the quality of the work (she is a seamstress trained in N. Ireland)!!!We are hoping to order some pillows soon so you will probably be hearing from us again.
I forgot to mention that the duvet is highly approved by our Standard Schnauzer!!!!
B.S. in Ontario
Dec 2020
Thank you so much for creating such beautiful down bedding! I have always used duvets, and have a house full of them, but since purchasing a couple of children’s duvets from you I have wanted to get one of yours for myself.
This year I was unable to visit friends and family in Switzerland so I decided instead to create a bit of Alpine atmosphere in my own bedroom with your beautiful Austrian duvet, and the white duvet cover so reminiscent of Europe.  It is PERFECT. So lofty and warm, truly like a cloud, and brings memories of our Swiss grandmother and chalets in the Alps ( I use a double size duvet on a queen size bed as in Europe-no wasteful overhanging duvet, and easy to stick your feet out when it’s a bit too warm :)
Your service was so quick, even in these busy pre-Christmas days, thank you!
Now watching the big fluffy snowflakes fall outside our 150-year old Quebec house, I am looking forward to such cozy warm nights this winter. It’s only 2pm, but I can’t wait to go to bed!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you again
D.A. in Quebec
Sept 2020
Dear Nicole,
We received our duvet yesterday and slept under it last night.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your product.  I have been trying to find a real European style down duvet for 30 years and every product up to now has left me disappointed.  Your product, however; exceeds my expectations, it is so warm and fluffs up to a great height just like the duvet I would sleep under when I visited my grandparents in the north of England.  Thank you for making such an amazing, high quality product.
S.J. in Ontario
July 2020

Purchasing a new pillow during COVID felt impossible. How can you possibly buy something you will sleep on for years with out testing it out first?

I spoke with Nicole and described our sleeping style. She made a recommendation for a certain fill on the pillow and assured me that if it wasn’t firm enough, she could add more down.

Well, the support on the pillows is perfect. The workmanship is topnotch and both my husband and I are sleeping like babies. 

Thank you Nicole. Your product is perfect.

Sarah in Toronto


May 2020

Hey Nicole!

Just wanted to say I’ve been sleeping in my Austrian Hutterite 725 loft goose down for the past 2 weeks now and I have to say I am loving it! It is the most fluffy thing I have ever slept in!

At first I was hesitant with my choice going back and forth and you were the most helpful, patient person To put up with my indecisiveness. In the end I most definitely made the right choice.

Material is so soft feels like I’m sleeping in a cloud, it’s not heavy at all and it’s Canadian made ! Nicole you have done an awesome job on my duvet and an awesome job in your customer service

I recommend old European duvet company to anyone who asks! Looking forward to getting my son one for his bed! 

J. in Toronto


December 2019

Hello Nicole

"I have been sleeping with my new bedding for almost 2 weeks now and it’s nothing short of awesome! I wish I could recoup all the money I’ve blown on inferior bedding products over the last 45 years.

There is so much false information out there about duvets that it’s hard to be trusting. So many are just flat with square baffle boxes and not enough fill.  Your company is true to his word and it’s advertising. I’m so impressed and happy with my purchase."

"It is so comfortable and it looks fantastic....

Your website is very informative and the billowy duvets are exactly that. There is no false advertising here.

Best purchase ever and worth every penny

PS.... Thank you for your patience with all my crazy questions. Nicole, your family story is so interesting and you’re making a lot of people very happy and comfortable with your products.

Thanks again!"

SP in London, ON
December 2019:

Hi Nicole,

Just to update you, we received the quilts and covers just as ordered.  We’ve been using the two quilts for about a month now and are really happy with the quality.  We sleep with our window open even in winter weather and the quilts are toasty warm.  The two European size quilts  (88”X53”)are perfect on the king bed.

Your company’s quilt products are fantastic.  Thank-you for your assistance with our order.

P&S, West Kelowna, BC


"Hi Nicole,
I am writing to share with you our joy with our new duvet. It arrived in October and we have never slept better in our entire lives (we are in our later sixties and seventies, so this is a few years of sleeping!). We ordered a dual zone duvet and it is just right for us. We ditched the top sheet and this surely makes part of the difference - I can snuggle right up into the duvet.
But the duvet is beyond our expectations, and let me tell you that we have a closet full of them from over the years in northern New England, including a couple handed down from my Swiss mother-in-law when she was still alive."
S.W. in New Hampshire

"I bought an Austrian style queen-sized duvet for my wife for her Christmas and Anniversary gift this year

(we were married at Christmas many moons ago).

She absolutely loves it (so do I). She is never cold now, but sometimes hates getting out of bed in the morning because she is so cozy under the duvet. The bed seems to warm up quickly at night with no cold spots - don't need the electric blanket anymore! In fact we lowered our thermostat to 16°C at night and have even cracked the window open. Perfect for Saskatchewan winters.

You are absolutely right, it is like sleeping in a very puffy warm cloud.”


I am in love with my duvet! I call it my boyfriend!!! I travel a lot for work and I tell my coworkers I miss my boyfriend so much... The one that know me well know what I am talking about but the others think I am a codependent individual”


From K. in Edmonton, AB:

Hi Nicole. I am writing to you from Edmonton, AB. I just received my Down pillows today via Canada Post. They are absolutely beautiful and soft.

Can't wait to sleep on them. The quality is outstanding. I don't think I've ever seen such lovely pillows ever!!! So a big Thank You for all the great sleeps ahead….


From Leaskdale, Ontario:

"Hi Nicole. .we got our order late last week and since then have had very restful nights! We love the duvets and pillows. For years I've been looking for similar items to what we had in Germany. .. and finally! ! I'm so glad I found your website."


Dear Nicole, 

Hi! We met at the One of a Kind Show. My parents got me one of your duvets for my birthday, and I'm writing to tell you that my husband and I LOVE it! It's so soft, fluffy, and the best part is that it's keeping us very warm at night! 

Thanks for making such an awesome product! 

See you in December! 

Take care, 

Melissa…Oakville, ON


Dear Nicole, 

We received the duvets just before leaving town for Christmas, so we have just now slept under them for two nights. We love them! I can actually sleep in the buff and be toasty - no more long underwear and cashmere sweaters required. Having separate duvets is working great - we are both at the right temperature. We are also keeping our bedroom cooler, and making the bed is a snap.

Thanks for all your help. We'll be back in touch when we need more bedding. Happy New Year! 


California USA
Betsy! I love it! The cats love it! My bedroom loves it ! The dogs love it! Thank you so much for creating a quality product. Next I’m sure I have to buy some pillows from you ..in the near future. Again the duvet is all that I imagined… 


Arizona USA
Hi there,
I ordered a duvet from you and had it shipped to Japan. I had always wanted one and when I started to make a salary for the first time I just had to indulge. I just have to tell you- that was about 6 years ago. We no longer have a queen sized bed, which that duvet fit.. I now live in America and am now married too and my hubby doesn't see how we should pay $500.00 for a duvet.. so I am stuck with a king sized cheap duvet and I hate it! I sometimes come back in the guest bedroom so I can indulge in the comfort of quality! :) I will get around it someday and save up my personal money someday to get a duvet again from you guys to fit a king bed this time.. :) 

Just had to let you know! :) You guys make clouds to sleep in- so puffy.. once you get used to it- there is no going back to 'el cheapo ones at [other store] or [other store]! Thanks!! 

Dear Nicole, 

"I received my duvet. I LOVE it!! It's the fluffiest duvet I've ever had and I've spent years looking for exactly something like this that wasn’t extremely expensive. I came upon your website by accident after googling “Canadian down”. I bought a really nice duvet [elsewhere], it’s very soft and thick but it doesn’t fluff up to even 1/8 of what yours does. Thanks so much!" 

Ottawa, ON
Good-morning Betsy--I just wanted to thank-you for the great service and to let you know that I am going to hibernate for the winter under my new Austrian duvet! I have severe osteoarthritis and have had 7 hip replacements and I just want anyone thinking about buying a duvet from you--Do it now and enjoy it for the cold months ahead. 

Thanks again,
Thank you Betsy for your quick and professional response. My husband and I bought a duvet from you 3 years ago and are still thrilled with it! We gifted one to my brother-in-law for his wedding gift 2 years ago and this King duvet that we are buying from you now is for my husband's best friend's wedding later this month. It is a truly once in a lifetime purchase as the quality is outstanding and so luxurious! When my brother's finally get married they too will receive from us one of your beautiful duvets!! Keep up the great work! Thank you (each and every night) for such a wonderful nights sleep! All the best! 

Nancy K.
Well, this was our second night snuggled under our super-poofy duvet, and I have to tell you that it is by far the second greatest feeling in the world! It is everything you promised it would be and more...... 

All the best,

JamieLynn J.
Dear Betsy, 

We have been sleeping under our new Austrian duvet for about a week now, and I still am having trouble finding the right words to explain this wonderful new experience. After a long hard day there is nothing better than to be the pampered by this fluffy "mile high" duvet. My husband says he has to look twice to see if I'm in there. It is soooooo comfortable. It is so light and it does seem to adjust to one's own body temperature. It is very subtle as its happening, but sure adds to the total experience. I know this….. there is no going back. I now wouldn't dream of sleeping under anything else I'm going to order another one for our guest room. I want everyone I know to experience this great creature comfort.< /br> 
Susan Denham
Dear Mrs. Horn:

I have just received my down duvet and after waiting 5 years to purchase it, I can honestly say it was worth the wait. It is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to purchasing more duvets, and not having to wait as long, in the near future. Thank you once again, 

Vera A.
Dear Old Europe Duvet Company, 

I have searched for a long time for the "right" duvet and am so fortunate I came upon your website! I can't say enough wonderful things about you and your product!! Spectacular!! 

Sleep like a baby now 
Plump & Piled high to the sky, Plus Packaged to Perfection 
Everyone has a bit of Envy now when they see my beautiful bed - just want to jump right in
Carefully handcrafted 
Turn around and delivery was marvelous 
Automatically Adjusts to individual sleeping conditions/temperatures (not too hot nor too cold.. just right!)
Customer oriented 
Uniform to my unique specifications 
Light with the highest quality available 

Thank you & Kind Regards. 
An Extremely Satisfied Customer,
Karyn K. 
Dear Betsy 

We have received our duvet and true to your emails it is more than we could have wished for ( I dare say that you understate your product). You'll have to forgive me for all the questions before ordering but when it comes to spending a good sum of money we are careful to say the least. Just wanted to let you know that a good portion of our lives will never be the same. As you know a person spends at least 8 hours a day in bed, (if their lucky). We (my wife and I) cannot begin to explain to our friends what they are missing by not having a duvet from your company. It can really be described as a different sleeping experience, oh yes I forgot you are well aware, I now understand the enthusiasm and confidence you had in answering our questions. The 2 things that we like the most is the ability to adjust the down and being able to sleep with the window open. Sleeping with all that fresh air is like sleeping outside, not to mention no more fighting for covers. 
Anyhow thanks for your patience: your product is by far one of the most enjoyable purchases Karen and I have made. One thing I don't understand is why almost all of the other places that we researched had squares sewn across the duvet. ( The only other one like yours cost $8,500.00 and was from Iceland). We have found (as you pointed out) that the ability to adjust the down is one of the best features you could want. Curious why no one else has figured it out. Thanks. 

Bob & Karen
Sleeping soundly in Sarnia.
Hi, Samantha: 

I really love my new duvet. What a dream! What's so amazing is that it seems to have a way of adjusting itself to climactic conditions. I have the fluffiest one you make [The Austrian]. This past week we had a heat wave here in California, and yet I was (incredibly) sleeping under my duvet! This is exactly what I have always wanted in a duvet. Thank you! 

Thanks very much.
Best regards,
I just received our new down pillow and am very impressed! Just wanted to send an e-mail to you to let you know that the quality of the pillow is better than I have seen anywhere here and for 1/2 the cost! I am glad that I was able to find you on the internet. You have a wonderful website and ordering was very easy. I will be ordering a down duvet here soon as well! Thank you!

E Na Choi
Hello Betsy:

Just a note to say that our 'Austrian' duvet and 50/50 pillows are WONDERFUL! We couldn't be more pleased - we are retired to Lake Kamaniskeg at Barry's Bay and learned last winter (which was relatively mild here) that warmth is very important in the Ottawa Valley. We heat the place with a very efficient woodstove, but like the bedroom cool - so with our new additions, things should be perfect! Thanks for your good advice and your very fine products. 

Gary and Miriam H.
Dear Betsy, 

The duvet is lovely - cozy and warm. Out with the flannel nighties! 

Mary D.
Dear Betsy: 

It has been several weeks now since we purchased your Model A duvet and feather bed from Old Europe Duvet Company and it is with great pride and pleasure that we tell you how delighted we are with our purchase. From the very first night, we slept like babies! We had no idea what it was like to get such joy from our bedding. Several friends and family members have commented on the cosy look of our bed with the addition of a lofting duvet and feather bed combination. It really does look like something of a display in a picture perfect magazine. We're just thrilled that it's as close as the bedroom door away. Again, thank you for a pure quality product unlike any other! 

Sincerely, Darlene H.
Bowmanville, Ontario  
Dear Betsy - 

Thank you for warming our hearts and otherwise cold little bodies as we survive another Grey-Bruce winter under mountains of snow! We don't care because we have Old Europe Duvets for the whole family - even the guest room - where my parents will happily and cozily snooze on Christmas Eve. The duvets arrived so quickly! Our wishes for your continued success! 

Judy A.
Grey County
Dear Betsy, 

We have become so spoiled by your duvets that we can no longer sleep in a room without one. The canvas bag you deliver your duvets in is now used by us as a travel bag. We now take our duvet on trips with us! We will never sleep under blankets and comforters again! 

Ajax, Ontario
To Old Europe Duvet Company,

Please send me one Queen Austrian style duvet as soon as possible. I have just divorced my husband and he left with our new duvet that I bought from you. 

I can live without a man but I can't live without that wonderful duvet. 

Yours truly
Dear Betsy, 

I have one problem with that fat duvet you sold me. It's so fluffy, I can't see the TV while lying in bed! 

Barbara L.

I just want to let you know that I received my duvet last Monday and I have been sleeping under it ever since. I simply love it. You did a great job. The duffle bag you made for it is a great idea. 

Thanks so much
Tamara W.
Dear Betsy, 

Our duvets are wonderful! 

Lisa U. (ordered a total of 6 duvets from Old Europe Duvet Company)
Hi Betsy,
We think we are among the coziest people in Ontario.

This is our 4th Old Europe Duvet-one on every bed. 

Dear Betsy Horn, 
Thank you so much for the duvet cover. It is more than I expected. It’s a beautiful crisp white. I just love it! My husband and I for the first time in our lives look forward to making the bed. We actually enjoy fluffing this duvet and it’s easy to do. For the size, this king duvet is delightfully light and fluffy. I now have experienced what other customers have written about when they say it’s like sleeping under a cloud. This is an exceptional duvet and the lace adds a nice touch. An heirloom you can treasure for a long time. Betsy you are the master of duvet making!!! Thanks again for this wonderful experience.
Very Happy Customer
Boise, Idaho
We just received our king-size Austrian yesterday, and I feel so well rested today – it really is like sleeping in a cloud! Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and fantastic customer service. I will refer everyone I know! S.S.

Thank you. I have received my pillow and am very happy with the quality of the product. Having previously lived in Europe for 9 years I was giving up on finding a good down filled pillow to replace the one I had purchased in Germany years ago. Thank goodness for the internet. 

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