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Our Trusted Partners

We are very fortunate to be able to offer some of the best down, and the best products in the world.  This is in large part who we have chosen to partner with. Below you will find links to information about our down, our products and our partners that assist to provide us with quality products.



The Down Association of Canada www.downmark.org

Nicole Horn, Owner Old Europe Duvet Co., sits on the Board of Directors for the Down Association of Canada.  Old Europe Duvet has been an Active Member in good standing with The Down Association of Canada since 1991, and as such, must adhere to strict quality standards related to Government Labeling and advertising regulations.   The Down Association of Canada is a non-profit organization that exists to monitor the marketplace for fraudulent products and/or products that mislead the consumer in the down and feather industry.  Look for the DOWNMARK® blue label and Logo on any down or feather product as a mark of quality. Both our pillows and duvets carry the Blue DOWNMARK® label.

Feather Industries  www.featherind.com

Since 1982, Old Europe Duvet Co. has ONLY ever trusted down and feather purchased for our products directly from Feather Industries in Toronto.  They are the leading processor for down and feather in Canada and maintain policies in-line with our company.  All down and feather used in our duvets and pillows is obtained as a by-product of the food industry.  Waterfowl are not raised solely for down and feather production, and the animals are treated in a humane and ethical way which includes NO live plucking, and NO force feeding of animals.  Feather Industries ensures these practices are adhered to by personally visiting farms, and maintaining respectful relationships with the farming partners.


IDFB http://www.idfb.net/about-idfb/

We are International Down and Feather Bureau members (via The Down Association of Canada) IDFB is an international trade association for the down and feather industry related to products filled with Down and Feather.  See the White Paper Published by IDFB on “Sustainable and Humane Practices of The Down and Feather Industry” here —> http://www.idfb.net/sustainable-humane-practices-feather-industry/ 



IDFL www.idfl.com

Since 1978, International Down and Feather Laboratory in Salt Lake City has been the global leader in filled textile materials.  Testing, audit and inspection services of both natural and synthetic filled products are conducted.  IDFL works closely with our processor, and the Down Association of Canada to maintain integrity in our industry.


We are excited to be carrying some select duvet covers and products by Revelle. Quality fabrics, luxurious feel. Canadian manufacturer of duvet covers using world-class highest quality fine linens.

Our featherbeds are custom crafted for us by St. Genève in British Columbia, Canada.  Made with Canadian processed duck feather for a warm and luxurious sleep. Featherbeds carry the Downmark® label for feather products as well.

Some of our duvet covers are custom made by Maholi for us, others we construct with the fabric provided by them - Canadian made with quality fabrics.

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