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A little Thanks to you

Duvet Day? Yes please!

Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you to our wonderful customers and partners. This past year was such a challenge, and we continue to navigate our changing world along side you! This year is starting off with similar challenges, but we will persevere.

I'm exhausted. When Covid started, it changed the way we do things. At times I have been working 16 hour days just to keep up, and sewing 7 days a week. We have sold out of EVERY single item we normally have stock of! Not a pillow or duvet on the shelf! For each item that is sold, we are making it to order. This is still the case as of Feb 19, 2021 - We simply haven't been able to get stock ready ahead, it keeps selling out - and for that I say Thank You. I take great pride in our line of products, and more pride in the fact that each pillow and duvet, and pillow shell, and duvet shell are MADE IN CANADA by us. That is why it may take a little longer than usual for me to ship out items. I am personally filling, sewing and shipping the items - my extra help is working from home. Normally my goal is to ship your items within 1-2 days of ordering, so a couple of extra days at this point has become the usual. 

I'm still also personally answering each phone call and email, so that is proving to be a bit slower for me to respond. Thanks for being so patient. I haven't figured out how to sew and talk on the phone, and type all at the same time yet - but I'm working on it :)

Customers always like to know where we ship to every year, so I like to mention that here. With the globe under wraps, everyone started noticing that they were spending even more time in the bedroom, and renovations were huge! We sent items to Japan, France, the UK, every Province in Canada and all over the US. Canada and the US are our largest customer base since shipping is usually pretty speedy. This year we had our challenges with shipping, oh boy. Under normal circumstances shipping to the US takes between 4-10 days. Some poor customers at Christmas were waiting 30-46 days!!! (Long past Christmas). We also had challenges getting items to BC and MB at the same time in Canada. Covid outbreaks at the postal facilities, and staffing issues impacted the times. I know in my heart that the safety of those employees comes first, so I thank you again for being so patient during the delays - Their health is most important. I am happy to report that every single parcel did make it! Shipping seems to be on track now, we just delivered a nice big box of fluffy goodness to Florida in 5 days. Whew!

So that's a bit of a recap for 2020 and into 2021. Some of you have been asking why I hadn't posted on the blog since Jan 2020 - that's why! 

I'm ever grateful to be employed, and look forward to creating more happy, fluffy memories with you again this year!






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