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Nicole, What duvet do you use??

Happy Spring! It has finally really arrived here in Ontario, and we are grateful for it! The winter was not too harsh this year, but it did give us a little blast at the end, as usual.

At this time of year, many customers are thinking about warmer months to come, and possibly switching duvets. I get lots of emails asking me, "Nicole what do you use?" and here is my answer. Our house is very cold (purposefully) in the winter - we like to keep the heat set at around 15 degrees Celcius (around 60 F) at night for sleeping. When it is that cold, we use the Austrian style duvet, with Hutterite down, and we are very comfortable and toasty!

When it starts to get warmer, we switch to the Classic style duvet, with Hutterite down. This is a flatter, cooler duvet, more like a blanket style. In the summer we very rarely use Air conditioning, so it can get pretty warm, around 25 Celcius (or 78 F) without the AC. The Classic is perfect for these warmer nights, as both my husband and I still "need" something on us at night - we have become used to that feeling.

If you do use AC consistently in the summer, the Austrian is quite comfortable if your temperature is kept consistent - we have lots of customers that can't sleep without the fluff! 

If you have the Bavarian style duvet, some customers do use it all year round, especially if you have AC in your home on. Some switch from the Bavarian (which is a cozy mid-weight duvet) to the Classic style in the summer months to feel a little less warm - it is really a personal choice. It depends on whether you use AC, if you normally run a little warm in bed, etc. 

Regardless of your needs, we can help you find the right fit for you! 


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