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Goose down Duvet

Extra Down

Regular price $6.20 CAD

Extra down can be added to the duvet of your choice. Please note that adding extra down WILL make the duvet warmer! We do not recommend adding down to the Classic style. It is meant to be a flatter, cooler duvet. 

You can choose the type of down you would like added, and the amount (in ounces) that you would like added.

As a rule, when you are deciding how much extra down to add, first decide how much more down per tunnel you would like, and then multiply by the number of tunnels. We will evenly distribute the amount of down chosen over the number of tunnels.  For example, if you are purchasing a Queen Austrian Duvet, it has 4 tunnels.  You would like one extra pound (16oz) of down added, which is 4oz of down per tunnel extra that would be added. 

If you are customizing a DUAL ZONE duvet, please make a note in the "special instructions to seller" section of the cart.  Indicate that you would like the extra down added only to one side. (Please read the section on Dual Zone duvets in Custom services before ordering).

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