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AUSTRIAN Model Down Duvet (Warmest)
AUSTRIAN Model Down Duvet (Warmest)

AUSTRIAN Model Down Duvet (Warmest)

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The warmest duvet model, fat and fluffy!

The AUSTRIAN is our, overstuffed, down-filled duvet that is an authentic tunnel and baffle style duvet, reminiscent of the famous eiderdown we slept under in Europe. We have sewn 12" inner baffles (vertical walls) along each tunnel to help minimize shifting while allowing the down to loft for exceptional warmth and breathability. The down settles to about 8" of fullness. The white shell is 280TC 100% cotton ticking, down-proof, soft and long-wearing. Baffles are also constructed from 280TC 100% cotton ticking  - down-proof and completely sealed at each end (so the down remains in the proper tunnel)

This duvet is chosen by duvet connoisseurs who want the ultimate in warmth and coziness.  We hand make EACH duvet shell in Milton, Ontario, and fill on site to order.  Truly Canadian made!

  • Each duvet carries the blue Downmark® label
  • Each end is edged with decorative lace

The Austrian is available in the following choices of Down fill:

600+ Loft White Goose Down This is a beautiful quality White Goose Down, cleaned, processed and graded in Canada. Minimum fill power is 600. We have had this down available for over 35 years.

725+ Loft Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down This amazing White Goose Down is collected by the Hutterite colonies in Canada, and cleaned, processed and graded in Canada. Minimum fill power is 725+. Canadian made, and filled with Canadian down. Now that's Canadian, Eh? This has quickly become our most popular down.

850+ Loft Eastern European Hungarian White Goose Down This spectacular White Goose Down is collected in Hungary, and then brought to Canada to be cleaned, processed and graded. Minimum fill power of this down has increased to 850+, which is one of the highest loft ratings a down can be awarded in Canada. This down has very large clusters, and is more dense around the middle of the cluster, originating from a more mature goose. This down provides for a very warm duvet.  

700+ Loft Canadian Arctic Grey Goose Down This goose is native to arctic and temperate regions of North America.  Canadian Wildlife Service allows hunters, Inuit and Native Canadians (Cree) First Nations to hunt this species under strict rules, and only at specified times of year.  They use the goose for food, and the down and feather is sold as by-product. The Wild Canadian Goose is a protected Migratory Species of wild waterfowl, protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act.  Although the fill power (or loft) is 700+, this down has a unique characteristic to it that is described as "stickiness".  The only other down to have this characteristic is Eiderdown. This special ability of the down clusters to cling to itself, renders a lower fill power rating, but provides much more warmth, and is able to trap air better than higher fill power down.  This down is as warm or even warmer than those with 800+ fill power. 

*Subject to availability of this particular down.  You will be notified with estimated completion date.

700+ Loft Canadian Eider Duck Down This Canadian Eider down is the ultimate in luxury. Collected under very strict guidelines, and only in certain regions in Canada governed by permits and regulations for harvest. Harvesting the down does not harm the bird. The Common Eider duck in Canada is a protected species. The down is hand-harvested from the nest, not from the duck. This down has amazing cling, or stickiness. This is a very unique characteristic of Eider Duck Down that allows the down to cling, or stick to itself, which provides for the warmest down, since it will not clump. Similarly, this down has incredible breathability (it wicks moisture away from your body). It is also unique in that it can be compressed, and will regain original shape without being damaged-which means this down can stand the test of time, and last MANY years. Similar to the Arctic Grey Goose down, the filling power of this down is 700+ due to the clinginess, but the warmest and most luxurious down available worldwide.

**The pricing for this down is very volatile and may incur extra cost at time of completion.  Prior to ordering, please contact us for availability, current pricing and estimated completion date 

This product is manufactured by Old Europe Duvet Co. and carries the blue, sew-in DOWNMARK® certification mark.

 *Prices subject to change without notice, and based on availability

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