Duvets and Pillows handmade to order since 1982


HIBERNATE is a unique collection made by Old Europe Duvet Co. 
This collection is for our customers who are looking for "Euro-style" duvets  that are genuine European size (narrower and shorter than in North America).
We have made this style of duvet without any divisions (or baffles) by special request for select customers for many years.
With traditional "Euro-style", each sleeper has their own personal duvet. Two single duvets are used on a King bed. These duvets do not have channels or boxes, which allows the down to move freely for maximum loft. These duvets are fluffy and very warm, filled with Hutterite Canadian White Goose Down. You will definitely feel like you will want to HIBERNATE all winter with one of these!
Proudly Canadian-made product:  
      • Each duvet and pillow is hand-made and filled in Canada
      • Filled only with Canadian 725 Loft Hutterite White Goose Down 
      • Each duvet is uniquely hand-branded in one corner, and boasts a red stitch along the sides 
      • Fits European cover size 53" x 79" (135cm x 200cm Single has 32oz Hutterite white goose down) Use two singles on a King bed
      • Pillows are Euro size 26" x 26", hand-branded, and filled with 16oz Hutterite white goose down

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