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Dual zone Down Duvet Filled with more down on one side, less on the other
Dual Zone Duvets
Dual Zone Duvets

Dual Zone Duvets

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Do you and your partner sleep at different temperatures?  One is way too hot, or one is far too cold?  We have solved your issue!  We can custom fill one side of the the duvet with a different amount of down than the other!  That way everyone is HAPPY! (Of course you can sleep with different weights of TWIN duvets to achieve this same result, but this duvet is meant for cuddling).

We recommend doing this with our Bavarian style duvet, so that the down difference is not visually skewed on the bed, in fact it is hard to tell. It's a subtle difference, but a good one! 

The white shell is 280TC 100% cotton ticking  - down-proof, soft and long-wearing.  Baffles are also constructed from 280TC 100% cotton ticking  - down-proof and completely sealed at each end (so the down remains in the proper tunnel)

Most often, the Queen or King Size Bavarian is ordered, and we add 2 ounces of extra down per tunnel to the side of the duvet where the cold sleeper is.

For example, in a Queen Bavarian duvet there are 6 tunnels.  In total we would add 6 ounces of extra down to ONE side of the duvet, and leave the other side with the regular amount of down. Voila, DUAL ZONE!

In a King Bavarian, add 2 ounces of down per tunnel to one side (four tunnels on one side, so add 8 ounces of extra down total).

If you wish, you can order the Bavarian duvet from our duvet section, and then add the extra down in the "custom section". Be sure to write a note in the cart "special instructions to seller" section that you want it to be DUAL ZONE - otherwise we distribute added extra down over the entire duvet.

To make it even easier, we have two that you can order right here! Queen or King Bavarian with 2oz extra per tunnel on ONE side. Hot and Cold sleepers UNITE!

This product is manufactured by Old Europe Duvet Co. and carries the blue, sew-in DOWNMARK® certification mark.

  *Prices subject to change without notice, and based on availability

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