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CLASSIC  Model Down Duvet (Coolest)

CLASSIC Model Down Duvet (Coolest)

Regular price $295.00 CAD

Very light and cool, Comforter-style Duvet (Blanket) 

This cooler Classic duvet offers year-round coziness and is filled with the same top-quality down as our Bavarian model, but in lesser amounts. It is stitched through from one side of the duvet to the other to make long tunnels, like a comforter. This duvet does NOT have baffles (walls) between the tunnels.  It is a flatter, cooler style duvet. Although this duvet contains less down, it still has an inviting look and offers year-round comfort for very warmer temperature sleepers. The white shell is 280TC 100% cotton ticking  -  down-proof, soft and long-wearing. 

  • Each duvet carries the blue DOWNMARK® label
  • Each end is edged with decorative lace

The Classic duvet is available in the following choices of Down fill:

600+ Loft White Goose Down This is a beautiful quality White Goose Down, cleaned, processed and graded in Canada. Minimum fill power is 600+. We have had this down available for over 30 years.

725+ Loft Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down This amazing White Goose Down is collected by the Hutterite colonies in Canada, and cleaned, processed and graded in Canada. Minimum fill power has increased to 725+.  Canadian made, and filled with Canadian down. Now that's Canadian, Eh? This has quickly become our most popular down. 

This product is manufactured by Old Europe Duvet Co. and carries the blue, sew-in DOWNMARK® certification mark.

 *Prices subject to change without notice, and based on availability

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