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Shhh! I'm going to let you in on a secret...

So here it is. I am going to answer a couple of questions that I field A LOT,  "Do your duvets have corner ties?" "Why does my duvet cover have corner ties?"

The simple answer (and the secret revealed) is that neither are needed! Surprising? Not really. Let's look at the details:

When you purchase a duvet cover in a store, it says the size, "King", for example, on the package. The reality is that every manufacturer makes their King a little different than the other. Sometimes there is a couple of inches difference, sometimes 5 or 6 inches difference. This can affect the length or the width of the cover. The most significant effect of this difference in measurements is actually how the duvet behaves INSIDE the cover. If you are struggling with a duvet that shifts around in the cover at night, falls off the bed, or ends up on one side of the cover, chances are that the duvet does not FIT inside the cover. If the cover is the same size as the duvet, or even better, the cover is a little SMALLER than the duvet, it will not shift around at night and drive you crazy! FIT is the key. Corner ties are not necessary on either the duvet or the cover. This in fact makes changing a duvet cover on wash day a whole lot more manageable! One less step to complete. 

In addition to the very obvious fit reason above, we do NOT recommend corner ties on a duvet. Why? If you are properly caring for your duvet, and fluffing it daily, corner ties can create stress on the corners of the duvet during vigorous fluffing, and cause your duvet to rip, and may cause the down to leak out.  OOPS! That's a big mess.

Some of the covers that we sell do come with corner ties already in place. You can simple leave them there, or you can cut them off (that's my choice).

How do we ensure a good fit? Measure your duvet cover before you buy a duvet! Make sure that the duvet that you are looking at buying will fit (be the same size as, or slightly larger than the cover size). For our own customers, let us know the size of your cover. If we need to make your duvet a little bigger, no problem. (Our duvets tend to be a little larger than most cover sizes anyway). We hand make each duvet shell, so adding a couple of inches here and there is really no big deal for us. I would much rather make it fit just perfectly for you. 

There you have it!



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