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Old Europe Duvet Company down duvets are designed the European way to be puffier, fluffier, cozier, warmer and longer lasting than regular duvets and comforters. Find information and pricing on our three duvet models.


Old Europe Duvet Company makes 19 different sleeping pillows combining the very best possible materials and workmanship. Learn how to choose one that is perfect for you.

  • Author1

    Amazing Product!

    It's been almost 2 months since I bought my pillow from your company. And oh, what wonderful months they have been! I have never slept better in all of my 36 years! I want to thank you for offering such an amazing product, of exquisite quality and very well priced. I will recommend your business to all my friends. And when I retire my [other company] duvet, you'll be sure to have me as your customer again. Author1
  • Author3

    Thank you!

    Hi there, I ordered a duvet from you and had it shipped to Japan. I had always wanted one and when I started to make a salary for the first time I just had to indulge. I just have to tell you- that was about 6 years ago. We no longer have a queen sized bed, which that duvet fit.. I now live in America and am now married too and my hubby doesn't see how we should pay $500.00 for a duvet.. so I am stuck with a king sized cheap duvet and I hate it! I sometimes come back in the guest bedroom so I can indulge in the comfort of quality! :) I will get around it someday and save up my personal money someday to get a duvet again from you guys to fit a king bed this time.. :) Just had to let you know! :) You guys make clouds to sleep in- so puffy.. once you get used to it- there is no going back to 'el cheapo ones at [other store] or [other store]! Thanks!! Laurie Author2 .

  • Awesome Product!

    Dear Nicole, Hi! We met at the One of a Kind Show. My parents got me one of your duvets for my birthday, and I'm writing to tell you that my husband and I LOVE it! It's so soft, fluffy, and the best part is that it's keeping us very warm at night! Thanks for making such an awesome product! See you in December! Take care, Melissa…Oakville, ON Author3

Manufacturers of quality European style duvets since 1982!

"How did you get started in the duvet business?" is a question I am often asked.

It began quite simply. While in Europe on vacation with my husband Bob, we fell in love with the beautifully fat duvets in Austria and Switzerland. After returning home to Canada, we searched but couldn't find anything similar here. The solution - I made one! When friends decided they wanted my duvets too, the "Old Europe Duvet Company" was hatched! A few short years later I am now shipping duvets and pillows to customers in all corners of the world.

The Old Europe Duvet Company caters to "duvet connoisseurs" - purists who know exactly what they want and demand the very best in materials and workmanship. Remembering duvets from the "Old Country" or from the farmstead when they were young, these connoisseurs often request custom sizes and precise weights. I enjoy listening to stories of remembered favourite duvets, and it's great fun hearing from happy satisfied customers!

Betsy Horn
Old Europe Duvet Company